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Being a Real Estate investor myself, I use rigorous criteria to filter properties  whether for my own investment or for my clients.  I strive to provide the best service to my clients and I work hard for you.  Here are my promises to you:

1. I am always honest with my clients and “put myself in their shoes”;

2. I say what I do and do what I say;

3. I am always prepared before meetings and showings, and never late;

4. I use my corporate trained analytical and program management skills to identify deals, break down numbers, follow through deals.

I am looking forward to extend my service to you and help you to find your dream home.



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office857 277 7972857 277 7972
address55 HAGEN ROAD
NEWTON, MA 02459

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Bluepower Real Estate LLC
55 HAGEN ROAD, Newton MA 02459

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